Super Communities Magazine is honored to feature the Super Agents.

Our magazine and platform allow top realtors( Super Agents) to connect with the residents of our Super Communities, other top realtors, and the business partners( vendors) who support the realtors in the settlement service provider industry. We accomplish this by featuring the  Super Agents in our publication with great articles and pictures highlighting their success, hosting social events throughout the year, and on social media.    

These SUPER AGENTS are among the most that work directly with property owners and routinely connect their clients with other businesses. They are the super connectors of the community and are vital in creating a strong sense of “community” in the real estate industry. Super Communities are honored to recognize these champions.

Business Partners

Our business partners have all been personally referred to us and vetted before we accepted them into our community. As a result, these businesses have an excellent reputation, high standards, integrity and have a deep understanding of the importance of relationship marketing.

They have demonstrated to us their sincere desire to build new and strengthen existing relationships by partnering with us. We are grateful for these businesses that make Super Agents possible for our community.


Super Agents Events

When you’re at our exclusive events, it’s not just your average networking event. Our events allow all members a chance to establish new and maintain existing relationships between influential settlement service providers and the leading businesses in the community. Super Agents events facilitate mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded business professionals in a fun environment, great food, great people, and a great time. You don’t want to miss our next event! Our events always have complimentary dinners with no fees/cost to attend and no referral quotas!

Super Agents Social Media

Optimize your social media engagement and capture all of your audiences on an array of platforms. Super Agents strives to provide content through a strategic media mix to ensure visibility. Whether it’s marketing through our publications, blog posts, newsletters, Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube channels, our content is cohesive for any demographic.

Relationship Marketing

With the technological shift, relationship marketing is vital for business success. Consumer experience is depersonalized with website bots, sites like UpNest, RocketLoans, and big box stores, and it’s critical now more than ever to support and empower local businesses. This type of marketing has proved advantageous in markets all across the United States and growing more every day. Our approach fosters and enhances word-of-mouth advertising and fights against the big national business that eliminates the small business owners. We refer to these big businesses as Main Street killers.

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