How It Started

Binnie started in the industry as a real estate investor with her ex-husband, learning the ropes of agreements on their own. She managed those properties. During her divorce, she needed income; she had already worked in real estate before and was interested in taking it to the next level. Further embracing her passion for real estate, this career choice would enable a flexible work schedule which was important to her, having four daughters, ages 2 to 12.

The weight of our family further ignited her passion for real estate on her shoulders. After that, it was done or die.

With Keller Williams behind her, she was enabled to excel in real estate while taking care of her children. In the beginning, it was difficult starting, but she found that some of the best agents she knew were single moms.

“You either made it, or you didn’t. And if you didn’t, then your kids didn’t.

She made that her mindset and chose to succeed. During the day, she’d work while the kids were at school or daycare, then take them out with her on her search for listings. There was no Facebook, craigslist, or social media; there were newspapers and word of mouth. Her method was driving around Conshohocken, where she’s from, and having the kids jump out of the car with a notepad and a pencil and help her write down the address and phone number and get back in. For sale by owner or rent didn’t matter. Making sure a strong work ethic ran in the family.

After the kids went to bed, she’d start making her calls. She still works with 99% of these people, some of her best customers, and has grown a bond over the past 20 years. Reflecting, she’s glad she picked the phone up and made those calls because it wasn’t just for her career. It was for her family.

Building and maintaining these relationships are crucial to Binnie and her team’s success.

During COVID, she reached out to many of her clients, one she had reached out to check in because she knew they had four kids at home. And they informed her of an issue with their sewage line, where they were quoted 30 grand. Binnie opened up her network to them and got it fixed for $1,500, a sizable difference. Looking out for her clients as if they were her own children, making sure they’re making the best living and financial decisions, helps her lay her head peacefully on her pillow at night, knowing she did her best job advising her clients.


Binnie is a straightforward, dedicated full-service agent who always provides her two cents from her experience. She has many talents underneath the real estate umbrella but prides herself on being a brick wall at negotiations.

She was born and raised in Conshohocken and primarily does all of her business there, within a 5-10 mile radius, and refers business out to when it’s outside her niche area. She grew up in the Colonial school system. Working throughout Roxborough, Manayunk, East Falls, West Conshy, Upper Merion Radnor, Wayne, Collegeville, and Chester counties. Also, she works a lot with builders on the new construction side. Part of what Binnie and her team offer is a variety of services. Suppose it’s a multi-use, commercial, single-family, retail, lease, or row home. It’s her niche, and she’ll know the best fit. Although Binnie doesn’t want to be the jack of all trades, she works in specific markets and areas where her strengths lie. An extraordinary service Binnie offers a stager to come out and pays for it up-front, and the cost comes out when the home is sold. She also does a walk-through with the seller, goes through repairs, or discusses decluttering that is necessary. Clients genuinely see the benefit of this option. Staged homes typically sell quicker and for more money.


Binnie has raised four strong independent daughters and made sure she could pay for them all to attend college and pursue their dreams.

In return, she hopes they appreciate her and look up to her as an entrepreneur and role model. For fun, Binnie and her husband, and I have a motorcycle. Her kids joke that she should have a travel blog because she loves to travel. Her motto is that life’s short, and she wants to travel everywhere she can and spend time with family and her grandkids.

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