How It Started

Jeff spent 20 years building a career as a hospitality leader for a global hotel company. He ran hotels up and down the East Coast, across the South, and into the Midwest, which caused him to relocate often. Being a client on both the buyer and seller end brought him to becoming a RealtorĀ®.

As life transitioned, Jeff moved back to the North East and realized he had valuable insight into the buying and selling process as he experienced the good and the bad.

Jeff found he had acquired skills that transferred into real estate from the hospitality industry.

He did tons of analysis work, stating, “Those hotel rates that change will fluctuate aren’t magic and aren’t arbitrary. It’s very calculated, and there’s a lot of analysis, and that translates perfectly into real estate and understanding markets and market conditions and how things behave. So when I looked at that and was able to couple that with my customer service and hospitality background, real estate was a match made in heaven.”

He has experience in a surplus of markets such as New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma, and South East Pennsylvania. However, he is licensed in PA and NJ; there is an incredible real estate referral network where he still has opportunities to help.

Relationships and customer service in the Real Estate industry are crucial to success, and Jeff prides himself on both. His experience on both sides offers his clients a unique perspective, especially when surprises arise. Jeff believes that problems in real estate can be especially monumental, and with a good agent, most of the surprises can be avoided and addressed before they become an issue.

How It’s Going

Jeff is the Office Manager for the Re/Max Blue Bell location with about 45 agents averaging about 15 to 20 transactions a year. He stated, “Our network and resources are vast, and our training is second to none. It’s an ever-evolving, ever-changing market. Real estate school doesn’t prepare a Realtor to be an effective agent in the field. It’s experiencing, it’s training, it’s coaching. And we do a lot of coaching here in-house.”

“One of the analogies I often make is that we’re talking about a house, right? This is huge. It’s semi-permanent as far as what we’re doing. If you go to a restaurant and you order a meal, and you’re just not happy with it, not because they’ve done something wrong, just because it didn’t suit you or it wasn’t your taste. You could send it back and have them prepare another meal. Or you know what? You suck it up. But the next day, you go back, and you go back to your tried and true, and you get what you like. This is a house. You can’t be in the house for a week or two and then wake up and say; I don’t know that this is the right thing. You know, I’m going to trade it in. You know, there’s no 90-day warranty on this where you get your money back. So we need to do the right things upfront to make sure we’re vetting things and making sure that we’re doing it personally and for you. Because what’s important to you is different than what’s important to the next person and the next person.”


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