Paul Shumski – Keller Williams Real Estate Agent – POWER CONNECTOR AWARD

Power Connector award recipient Paul Shumski, Realtor with Keller Williams. Paul had friends encourage him to get into real estate. He referenced, “I had friends and family in real estate for years, and a couple of them said, Paul, if you ever got your license, we could be paying you for the referrals that you’re giving us”. For years it never crossed his mind to get into real estate himself, and he considered just doing it for passive income. But he found himself loving the work too much. So he went back to school to get his license and committed to going back, having two teenagers at home and an engaged daughter. Trying to balance everything out, he got his license and started interviewing for Real Estate Agencies to align with and decided to work with Keller Williams.


We asked Paul, Why Keller Williams?

Paul states, “I don’t know if I’d classify it as extraordinary services but rather, in my opinion, extraordinary people, because I firmly believe that Keller Williams is an extraordinary company. I have interviewed Brokers, Agents, and licensed owners of locations, in my interview process. I interviewed people that are young and old and in the game for a long time. Real estate agents 25, 35 years, and as new as two months. He went around the area, interviewing and checking the vibe, he felt Keller Williams really stood apart.

1: Core Values, what does that mean to you?

God First, Family Second, and Work Third. People that are not living to work but working to live. They were there to have a level of financial freedom to travel, be with their family, be involved in benevolence activities, and make charitable contributions. When choosing a company, Paul wanted the core values to align to have the best probability of running with similar people. They say, “birds of a feather flock together.”

2: Company Culture

The second thing Paul heard about Keller Williams was that the culture was different. Real Estate culture can be competitive for some, many people can cut you out without a second thought. He began to hear horror stories, and you’d be shocked to hear that it’s people you might know. Paul thought, “Why would I want to be a part of a company that’s every man for himself.” Paul decided he needed to learn to find a group he can trust; I’m looking to run with a group of people, or maybe a team, and be a part of the strong core values and culture of like-minded people. Being new, he found. Personally, the people he’s doing business with now uphold these views. Building and helpful, having people there for you is how it feels to be part of Keller Williams.

Keller Williams offers both buyer and seller side services, along with a couple of in-house mortgage companies and a few title companies they work with as well. The realtors Paul works with also have go-to handymen and HVAC, electrical, and plumbing services, all tied around home inspections. This is exactly what makes Paul an excellent Power Connector, striving to create a seamless experience for his clients while supporting credible local businesses to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Paul states, It’s important to know these people when dealing with the buyer and the seller’s side, getting into inspections. If there are things that come up, who are you gonna call? Sometimes when settlement is coming, or it’s an emergency, and your people are 2-3 weeks out, you have to find someone. That’s why it’s important to have a longer list of businesses you can trust”.

Paul was a full-time Pastor for 25 years, he made many friends in real estate and in the community. As a Pastor, he’s counseled his congregation through many of life’s battles, supporting and counseling them through a divorce, financial issues, death, estate planning, and many other instances, in which requiring people to buy or sell a home. Paul loves helping and meeting people throughout his community and network, which led him down this path of becoming a real estate agent.

Paul is also the founder of Life Guide, which seeks to serve business owners through chaplaincy, coaching, and consulting. Their passion is to bring peace and production to the workplace through practical, emotional help and spiritual hope. Paul has the opportunity to work with employees weekly and sees God do amazing things in the life of many. Paul is also a part-time Pastor at Christ’s Home and Senior Services. He truly has a passion for his community and helping others pursue their dreams of home ownership.

Depending on the area you live in, there can be septic and not public water, now, there’s a need for a specialist who does mold remediation. “A friend of mine called me last night, actually. They’ve only been in their house a year, and they discovered mold. So they called me, not the realtor they used, to ask me some questions, and the quote they received was for $12,000, to which I was shocked”. That’s what you get when you work with Paul, quality connections any time of day or night to help you through challenges before or after your closing.

Paul highlights the importance of working with a quality team to ensure the buyer is aware of a property’s potential issues and finds the best deals for the best service. Otherwise, potential problems can arise unexpectedly and get costly. There are many benefits of working with a Realtor who is deeply invested in their network. Building and maintaining these relationships is a huge attribution to Paul’s success. Sometimes consumers feel taken advantage of or are weary about a quote. Though sometimes rush or special projects have a higher price tag, the truth is that having a connection or hearing a personal testimonial makes customers feel more secure in their investment. Especially when it comes to the home, Paul understands the importance of solid relationships, growing his network doing his best to ensure quality services!


Mobile: (267) 229-3065

Office: (215) 860-4200

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