Ryan Godshall is a third-generation realtor with a wealth of experience in the industry. His mother and father were both realtors and started him off young. Around five or six years old Ryan was assisting with stamps, labels, and other office duties. During his “work shifts,” he always loved listening in on his grandfather’s calls. Growing up, real estate was a huge part of his life, and his admiration for the industry still shines through today.

Ryan didn’t always plan on being a real estate agent, he graduated college in 2005, and his trajectory was set for Law School. While taking a year off, he got his real estate license, and he never looked back.

Following in your family’s footsteps does have perks but also applies pressure. Ryan and his mother worked together in the first several years he was licensed and had a team together. He stated, “Though it can be interesting working with family, I wouldn’t have wanted to learn the business from anybody else.”

With all that wisdom passed on, Ryan runs his team based out of Re/Max Action Realty in Horsham. The Ryan Godshall Team understands they are in a service-based industry.

They even offer an easy exit with contracts, so there’s no pressure to work with them. Instead, they show clients what they can do before they commit to working with them. Primarily, their focus is on the individuality of the client. The way Ryan sees it is that no one person or situation is the same. So essentially, they sit down to understand the client’s needs and plan accordingly, making it as stress-free for their clients as possible.

With 17 years of experience, Ryan is confident he has the resources to overcome unique obstacles that might come up in the settlement process. The fact that no transaction is the same truly drives him to build a personalized strategic plan for his clients. “Rather than a cookie-cutter approach of simply putting the house on the market, slapping a sign in the ground, and hoping for the best, the Godshall Team will sit down with you and put a full plan in place.” Ryan is living and breathing real estate, working full-time for his clients.

Ryan shares some insight, “If you’re not doing this all the time, living it breathing it, there are things you miss. For instance, someone had just passed away, and now their estate’s handling this transaction. Well, has the will been probated? Is there a short certificate that appoints who the executor or the executrix is? There are so many little things. And now, all of a sudden, without knowing that, you put someone’s house on the market, and they’re not even legally allowed to sell the property. There’s a lot to this business; there are many pitfalls. But we go through these times to figure out how we can better service our clients, so they have peace of mind knowing that we have their back.”

Ryan mainly services the Montgomery and Bucks County area, dipping into Chester and Roxborough. It’s essential to keep a niche area. He learned early on that knowing the ins and outs of a specific area helps get their clients in the place they need to be. Ryan offers some unique programs, offering “Kids Contracts.” Whenever there is a buyer or seller, he gets kids involved in the process as well. For instance, if there’s a seller, they have the kids sign a contract that they’re going to keep their room cleaned for the showings and go with mom or dad during showings. They get a $20 commission when they go to closing! Similarly, on the buyer’s end, when kids come with their parents during showings, they don’t want kids running around touching other people’s things. They set the expectation for them and give them a monetary reward.

Ryan is also a certified Senior Real Estate Specialist, SRES, affiliated with one or two nursing homes. He knows he’s taken the time to understand and specialize in helping people downsize. This doesn’t necessarily have to be someone going to a nursing home, someone who has gotten to the point where their family has moved out or moved on and doesn’t need the extra space anymore. This can mean a smaller home, a 55+ community, or a retirement community. Ryan explained, “The number one thing I deal with all the time is what are we going to do with all of our stuff? It’s important to understand a client’s needs fully and have the resources to help. To get rid of stuff, sell things, clean or move services, whatever it might be. I’m working with them to declutter, get stuff out, and throughout the whole transaction.”

He lives in Blue Bell with his wife, two children, and a black lab named Bailey. While it’s tough to find time for a vacation, he finds golfing to be his “getaway.” Cooking is therapeutic for him, and he also enjoys boating and deep-sea fishing.

As a team leader, Ryan feels personally responsible for his members’ success, training them and helping them grow. He enjoys his small team of two and focuses on culture and ensuring everyone has the same goal. Tight-knit, nothing more important than their clients, hosting events and wanting to give back, explaining, “They trust you with their most significant life decisions, and we want to thank them for life. “


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