Wayne is coming up on his tenth anniversary in the real estate business. It all started when he saw a friend from high school in Lancaster County posting about listings and closings. After inquiring further, he began taking courses and started working in February 2013.

Building up to this successful career, he worked at a tech firm until layoffs occurred. He then started online marketing with his wife, servicing around 65 artists and crafts professionals worldwide.

Wayne helps clients navigate the often complex process of selling properties and purchasing homes. He makes a clear distinction between homes and where people live. He states, “Properties are investments or properties are something you own. You live in your home, and you sell your property”.

It’s a common misconception that relators are similar in what they do.

Wayne explained a story when he was first starting with his broker. He asked, “How do I sell a house?” The broker replied, “Well, there are about ten things you. have to do.” It took him a while to realize there are around 10,000 things a relator can do. It’s a good relator’s job to find the ten that apply to each client’s needs.

Wayne’s background is unique; he spent 15 years as a journalist and 12 years in corporate marketing, which sets him apart. As a result, he provides his clients with curiosity, marketing, and negotiation skills.

Many relators have different strategies and unique skills to accommodate their client’s needs. However, what makes Wayne truly stand out is Wayne’s creativity and willingness to adapt to technological trends—leading him to receive many word-of-mouth referrals.

Wayne also understands that time and advancement are essential in the settlement service industry. He referenced how he’s getting ahead of the game, “There’s an AI-enabled chat, GPT, I just tried out. You can write in there and give me a script for a description of the property with these characteristics. Within seconds it’ll write paragraph after paragraph. Annoying writer’s block is gone with using this. It can write stuff, and you can edit it and revolutionize what’s going on. It will compete with Google, and they’ll likely buy it.”

Chat Gap could end up revolutionizing content writing for real estate. Offering real estate topics for videos and bullet points, Wayne believes this can help some agents get a leg up.

Wayne adapts to the ever-changing industry by trying challenging and new things. Being someone people can rely on, he also helps his clients with these unique solutions with this mindset. Wayne understands the benefits of relationship marketing.

With his recommendations and referrals, he understands that communication is key. He values knowing his clients can sleep at night knowing he’ll have an answer for them if they answer.

Consumer surveys state that communication is the biggest complaint clients have with real estate agents. Wayne’s past experiences and his family’s have elucidated this, where sometimes you just don’t hear back from an agent.

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