Why do we blindly support our government in the Russia-Ukraine war?

I will be the first one to say how horrible it must be for the Ukraine people to have been invaded by the Russian army and live with all the death and destruction that is happening all around them. I know that Vladimir Putin has a dark murdering history, can not be trusted, and should be punished for all crimes that he has committed. My prayers and support go out to the Ukrainian people. For the record, I do not support or am for Vladimir Putin, I support peace and not having my family annihilated by nuclear war. 

But why does the Biden administration seem to relish a clash with Russia over the Russian-Ukraine border, despite the possibility of nuclear war should things escalate too far? Is there something more here that the American people are being told? All we hear is that Putin is bad he just wants to take over Ukraine and will keep going to other countries if we don’t stop him. 

Well, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of Vladimir  Putin and the Russian government. Let’s say that Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, along with the Russian government, overthrows a  democratically elected government by force and installs a new government.

And this new government builds dozens of dangerous biochemical labs all along the Canadian- US border and installs hundreds of Russian missiles pointed at the United States.  Then refused to remove the missiles and the biochemical labs after countless requests from the United States. 

If you think the United States has every right to invade Canada and remove the missiles and the biochemical labs, then you would be thinking and acting the same way as Putin did when he decided to invade Ukraine. Because this is the exact situation that happened with Russia and Ukraine, you just have to replace Canada with Ukraine and the United States with Russia. 

In addition to the biochemical labs and the missiles, the new government that was installed in Ukraine was pro-western and anti-Russian to the core, and it contained four high-ranking members who could legitimately be labeled neofascists Nazises. And don’t forget, in WWII, the Nazis killed 27 million Russians, and now in the 21 century, they are neighbors to Russia.  To put that in perspective, America lost 450,000 brave men and women in WWII.  

Russia was ready to invade Ukraine in 2014 but agreed to sign a peace treaty( Minsk Agreement) as long as Ukraine did not become a member of Nato in spite of the new government. But the new pro-western government broke the agreement and had  Nato train the Ukraine army and started attacking civilians in the Donbas region, killing women & children. This region is filled with people of Russian ethnicity, and Vladimir  Putin finally invaded once the information got to Moscow despite countless warnings that he would.   

 The current Ukrainian government of  Volodymyr Zelensky is believed to be the most corrupt in the history of Ukraine. It is also documented and undeniable that the Biden family received an enormous amount of cash when Joe Biden was the vice president through a shady energy company called Burisma Holdings.

Why do the Biden administration and the deep state want to keep this war going and refuse three attempts by Vladimir Putin to come to the negotiating table for peace in Ukraine? And the latest polls say that 80% of the American people do not support this war. Why has the Biden administration refused to track the 100 billion dollars we sent to Ukraine despite pressure from Congress to do so?  Why can billions of cryptocurrency exchange FYX  be traced back to Ukraine and the Democratic party? Could some people want to keep the current corrupt government in Ukraine because they are getting wealthy from it?

I do not know the answers to these questions to all these questions. If we had honest media, they would be trying to get some answers, but they are not. I do know that there is more here than is being said to the American people by the media.  Could the media be lying to us every night through omission? Could there possibly be coordination with the deep state and the Biden administration on what to cover each night on the news? Could these networks have a finical interest and are either directly or indirectly controlled in what or how they cover certain stories? It sure seems like it. 

I used to think there was NOT coordination until I saw a video that had hundreds of news anchors all from different networks saying the same exact talking points about a story. Mind-numbing. I am amazed that people still watch mainstream media, and, in some way, I  feel sorry for people who do.

Well, it is not a secret that in government, when all else fails, go to war because it will distract the people from failed policies and make so many of your donors happy because war is so profitable. And sadly, there are so many warmongering neocons and failed policies in our government today.  

When you understand the history of the Ukriane-Russia border and put all of these situations, coordinations, questions, and coincidences in perspective regarding our government together, it is hard to believe there is not more going on with this war than we, the American people, are being told. We can only hope and pray that our government, the deep state,  Ukraine’s government, and the Russian government all realize there are no winners in a nuclear war. God help us. 

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